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Friday, April 30, 2010

My Guiding Principles

I make the best of what I am given
I believe in myself
I choose to be courageous
I give myself permission to fail and learn from it

I drink deeply from good books
I follow through with what I say and what I plan

I choose to be happy
I share my gifts to others
I am blessed and I am a blessing
I lift everything to God

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lord, I Lift My All to You

So this is the feeling of finally realizing a dream!

When I discovered that I have been given a gift to compose songs, I want nothing more than to be able to compose a simple worship song for God just to express how thankful I am for His goodness. I mean, what better way to glorify Him than to use the very gift He has blessed me with, right? So I prayed and prayed for the inspiration. I have written like eight songs, so far, and most of the songs were borne out of my frustrations and depression. So imagine my utter joy when, finally, words rushed into my mind. Word by word, line by line, hearing the tune within my mind, and just like that, I finished the song!

It is a privilege for me to share this with everyone, especially to those who don't like themselves very much. I pray that the day will come when you will be able to see your beauty and greatness. Friend, God loves you very much and He knows how great and lovable you are because He made you so.

Title: Lord, I Lift My All to You
By: neri.anne.j.stioch

I am but a broken piece
Ugly, cracked, and weathered
Still, you see something beautiful in me
You say, I have potential for greatness
I am your masterpiece

Lord, I thank you
For giving me this chance
Lord, I thank you
For bringing me back to You
I thank you for this life
And now, I give it all back to You
Lord, I lift my all to You

I am but a shattered glass
Seems impossible to become whole again
Still, you patiently glued me together
I may be an imperfect vase
But I receive your perfect grace

Repeat Chorus

I am full of scars
Most of them I cannot see
They are reminders of my past
I may not be as flawless
But I sure bear the mark of
Battles fought and won
All 'cause of Your love

Repeat Chorus, except last line

Lord, I lift my all
Lord, I lift my all
Lord, I lift my all to you

That's it! Thank you and God bless minna-san...

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