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Lessons from My Financial Journey

To be Free!"Lessons from My Financial Journey" is where I share my own personal journey towards financial freedom. Here is where I hope to share what I have learned from books, mentors, articles, and most importantly, from being a member of the Truly Rich Club. Here is where I will share the steps I have taken, am taking, and will be taking as I embark on my journey to being financially free.

My hope and prayer is that as you read my posts in this series, you will also be moved to start your own journey towards financial freedom. For you, I pray a life free of debts; a life free of financial worries; a life free of financial limitations. For you, I pray a life full of generosity and charity; a life full of giving; a life full of blessings received and blessings shared. Amen!

"...Yes, I have a general idea on what I want to achieve before I die: to fulfill my purpose in life. Problem lies with what exactly that purpose is. I guess before I continue, I could give you a short background about myself so you will know where I am coming from...."
"...For this entry, let me now share to you the reasons why I want to be financially free..."

Pay Yourself First
"...Paying yourself first means that when you receive your salaries, you allocate a certain percentage to your savings and investments first, and make sure that you do not use this money for any other expenses other than what you have saved it for -- your future self...."

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