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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Page Launched: Lessons from My Financial Journey

16 October 2010 -- In my "How to be Financially Free: Introduction" post, I have made a rather daring proclamation that I will achieve financial freedom in the near future. I also declared in that post that I will chronicle this journey in my "How to be Financially Free" series.

A "how-to" series seems a little daunting because it kinda gives off the impression that this will be an instructional series. That I have some sort of expertise on the matter, in which others could follow and expect to succeed.

I don't really consider myself as a teacher and I definitely don't have the expertise to teach anyone just yet. With this, I came up with a more appropriate title for this series of mine -- Lessons from My Financial Journey. I believe that this captures more accurately my purpose for writing this series (and really my purpose for this blog). I wanted to share my stories and journeys in hopes that through my sharing, others will be blessed. That they can take away something from my personal stories and apply into their lives as they see fit.

To be Free!

"Lessons from My Financial Journey" is where I share my own personal journey towards financial freedom. Here is where I hope to share what I have learned from books, mentors, articles, and most importantly, from being a member of the Truly Rich Club. Here is where I will share the steps I have taken, am taking, and will be taking as I embark on my journey to being financially free.

My hope and prayer is that as you read my posts in this series, you will also be moved to start your own journey towards financial freedom. For you, I pray a life free of debts; a life free of financial worries; a life free of financial limitations. For you, I pray a life full of generosity and charity; a life full of giving; a life full of blessings received and blessings shared. Amen!

Now on to the posts! ;)


  1. I'm sure your journey will inspire lots of people. I'm personally looking forward to reading more about it!


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